This week, I began again.
Walked away, cleaned the palette, washed out the brushes and  doodled in my sketchbook...playtime.
I know the answer seems simplistic, but really it works. Take away the "should " and "ought to" and just let "what is" take over.
Good news, I sold two paintings, made progress on a commissioned work that had stalled and began another painting.  You see, it doesn't take much to put some zing back into my daily painting.The important take away here is that over the years of working I've  come to understand how I work. It is probably very different for another artist, but it suits me. I have a library full of books, I watch plenty of Youtube art videos but nothing has taught me more than getting to know, understand and accept who I am as a painter. My likes and dislikes, my comfort zones and my risk taking show up every time I pick up a brush. I may have some traditional approaches to a painting but I know that there is a moment where my  mind has that quirky twist that is tempted by the "what if" ...lol...  awww... just do it!
It's when I enter my studio with excitement of what is to be. Think about it. That is what I want to share with you this morning. #wip (work in progress) = adventure. This is action taken and it is the difference that sets the wannabe artist apart from the  working artist. So to those readers that have messaged me with questions about being a working artist, this is my answer... paint, paint daily. Please note that I did not say post daily! Good, bad, or ugly, it all moves you forward. When you need to pause, understand that it is a resting spot and that you are not taking up residence there!
So have at it and I look forward to answering more of your questions about being a "working artist". Leave a comment below or message me through my web site.


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