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Are You Talking to Yourself?

                                                         Are you talking to yourself?  I certainly do! I'll be painting, perhaps singing along with my playlist of songs or listening to a Youtube webinar and I'll realize I'm asking questions aloud.  Is that value too light or too dark ? Why did I place that object right in the middle again. Is that color really what I see? Should I wipe it out and begin again ? It goes on and on. After all of this time you'd think that I'd know the answers but it happens more often than not. In 2000 I wrote in the back of a sketchbook "the only wrong questions are unasked questions..." What I have learned over the years is to ask questions, to find the answers, arriving at a moment of  ah-ha, of learning and understanding and to share with other artists. It doesn't happen overnight. The sources of information these days are overwhelming. Blogs, webinars, interactive online courses and Youtube can be your classroom

Begin where you are....kickstart 2020!

So where have I been? Long story,short is where I am!    Five years away from blogging but miles along my journey as an artist. I've studied, painted and exhibited watercolor, mixed media,acrylic and now oils. Many art shows later,cross country trips, 2 different homes ...5 grandchildren! I've landed in a place that has brought me full circle...wanting to share my work ,my techniques, my studio and experiences as a dailypainter.  I hope you will continue to seek me out . I'll be right here. Please take time to scroll through my older posts to get to know my work of my past to see where I now have come.The life of an artist is "Take Me There..." oil on panel 5"x7" a wondrous journey if you choose to take the first step...walk with me ...again.