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Earth Day 2009

Yesterday as the rain came down & the winds blew cold I treated myself to a visual appetizer by painting this little scene. I view Spring as my appetizer, Summer my entree and the Autumn is my dessert....hmmm Winter ..I just snack! I've posted this in my Etsy shop , matted but unframed . I'll be giving a mixed media demo this Sunday @ the EarthDay 2009 Festival @ Bayonet Farms, 41 Middletown Rd.,Holmdel NJ..My demo will concentrate on the recycling of materials in art.

Sasha's Creek (revisited)

I decided to pull this painting out of its matting and framing and revise some areas. I added more foreground textures, brightened the skies , added more color to the dark waters and punched up the tones in the trees. I know some artists feel that once a painting is finished is finished , never to be touched again. I guess I'm a little more pragmatic . I find it perfectly alright ,provided the painting is still in my ownership, to freshen it up. My skills continue to grow and the paintings that have stayed too long , unsold ,need to be critiqued once again. In many cases, I have subsequently sold the revised work.


Standing on the shore, rocky,splashed,grasses whipped by the salty breeze,.....clarity and thoughts of summer not far away. Mixed media on paper: image size 4.25"H x 12"W acrylic inks, gouache, watercolor raffia, watercolor paper, unryu ,papyrus blended fiber gel, matte medium


My father passed away one year ago today on April 1st. It is said that a parent can give two important things in life to a child ...roots and the wings to fly. For my father............ SOARING