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I'm not totally sidetracked by the ongoing business of creating my new business "The Cookie Cab". Baking ,creating ...still painting. My last outdoor show of the season was this weekend..great Saturday ,rainy Sunday. In fact for the first time ever I sat out the rainy day. I think I've finally had my fill of rain soaked tents and soggy shoes,all in the attempt to protect my work from the elements. Now, I'm turning my attention to The Cookie Cab. I'm creating an Artist Corner within the bake shop. It is my compromise of life's curve balls ( see my last post) and my need to continue painting. The Artists Corner,complete with drawing table, will enable me to continue to do my painting in slower times and demo, as I am prone to do, interacting with the public. I am providing exhibiting space on the walls for local artists groups, and a welcoming space for their meetings. I've been receiving very positive feedback and feel the "warm to your door

Play Ball!

So what do you do when life throws you a curve ball? ( Please read...everything was going just fine and then there was an unexpected career changing event! ) How do you hit the ball out of the park? ( in other words... how do you keep your goals,survive the upset and turn it around successfully?) Ignore the twitches and antics of the pitcher! The shoulder feints ,the high leg kick,the side arm delivery that distract & confuse you . ( stay focused on your goal,ignore the angst, fears, and negative thoughts, of others as well as yourself of the events that you can't control caused by someone else's actions.) The ball will always go from point A to point B. It simply changes its path but the destination is the same. ( your goals are the same,but your path to them has altered . Make adjustments. Redirect your energies.) Step into the batter's box. ( show up...every day. ) Keep your eye on the ball. ( You know what you want..,you know your goal) Swing ! (you'll never

Seasons Change

There is a coolness in the still summer's air this morning. I hear the school buses once again in the neighborhood. Yes, my three daughters are now grown and successfully off living their own dreams but I still feel that shift of habits & rhythms of a season about to change. A need to reorganize and examine where I am, how I am doing ..and what to do now,has kicked in. Now throw in life's little twists and turns, always unexpected and at the wrong time and you have the makings of a panic attack. But wait......I have developed a hard won coping plan. Do you remember? Ask... is it true? Ask... is it working for you? Ahhhh ..a plan of attack is already formulating. I've already taken the first steps by adding and subtracting social groups, shops, scheduling new shows and investing in new ideas. Which venues are producing ,which are not? Am I tied to an idea or vision that is old and unproductive or can I make space for something unexpected and fresh? Risky..yes! Exc

Prints & Cards!

I have finally entered the print market! Yes! Many of my supporters and customers have requested this possibility as an option to owning my work . Select pieces that I own from this date 9/1/09 will have the option of being purchased through . FineArtAmerica offers a wide range of canvas and paper print options,framing & matting too. Please use this link to view the work offered as prints & cards and to purchase securely. Check back frequently as newer paintings become available. Of course the original painting will be available for purchase also. **** All original work purchased before this date,will not ever be reproduced in print format to maintain and honor the purchase agreement as a one of a kind, original painting.**** I am getting ready for a busy Fall season : Next Art Shows : Sept. 13th : 2009 Bayonet Farm Art & Muusic Festival 12 noon - 5 pm