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Day Off ?!

Ha! I'm looking forward to the rest of this day & tomorrow. Time to myself these days has been elusive. Remembering to take time for myself is not as easy as you may think. It took an intervention by one of my 3 daughters ( I believe the other 2 thought she could get through to me best)to say ENOUGH! As a full-time painter my 12 hour days of work were tiring but not as physically exhaustive as my 12 hour work days as the owner of my own bakery & cafe. Equal attention to both has proved to be frustrating and I need to accept that one will get more attention than the other ....for now. Hopefully this way of thinking will help me not be so hard on myself and begin to enjoy each day again. The days of longer sunlight are not far off with the beginning of gardening,as well as my painting will be renewed....balancing the work days of baking.......hmmmmm...these are my plans........ Is that the sound of God laughing?

Art Show & Sale

I am ever hopeful of returning to my studio to paint on a regular basis. Towards that goal, I am hosting an Art Show & Sale @ The Cookie Cab which will include my work as well as 3 other talented local women artists. I invite you to join us.