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I've been a working artist long enough to have a grasp of the patterns that occur in my day in the studio. A particular vexing one is that on the heels of a successful show, my work plummets ... then soars! Excitement from succeeding gives way to unexpected doubts of failure. This used to throw me into a deep depression for weeks. The crippling critic that would take over my brush at times like this has been banished from my studio. It has taken the every day working habits of putting brush to paper to work through this brain freeze. A tremendous help has been the positive coaching through reading of articles and blogs of many artists sharing generously of their experiences . The studio can become a very lonely place when it is not fueled by positive, creative energy. You know exactly what I"m taking about! Like it or not we all have these patterns of creativity. Have you faced yours? Examining and understanding how you work is as much a part of your business plan as is

It Starts with... Hello!

Hello...or Hi ! What is so hard about saying that? If you can't even acknowledge the person standing tentatively in front of your tent at an art show, why are you there? I've just returned from a successful but tiring 3 day Art Show in Cape May, NJ. It was successful because of my sales and being awarded 1st place in the professional watercolor category. Tiring, for many reasons, but most of all because I worked for 3 days with my potential customers! Not everyone that passes by my tent is interested... at first. I have learned to quietly engage people in my work, by demonstrating it and being friendly and open about how I go about creating it. Painting does have a beginning, middle and end.It is the story, your stor y,that will bring the work to life and draw meaning and reaction from someone viewing it. You may not get the sale but you have expressed yourself to some one new,perhaps to be remembered or spoken of later. This is your store front for the day.

Not Just Paint

Another tent show this weekend and the weather has been looking good...until now! As the clouds roll in, while I'm packing the car up with my equipment, I'm readjusting my marketing plan for the show. Do you always do the same set up , or exhibit the same work? Use the same approach to customers? How's that working for you? This past year, in light of the economy, I've expressed how it was important to exhibit work that included a wide range of price points. How do you get that lower dollar end to work? I've added Aceo's ,bookmarks, cards.... all still originals ! smaller matted /unframed work... originals Now, I've introduced a collage activity kit (©2009 PineShoreStudio) , that demonstrates my techniques with you creating your own designs! This is my newes t interactive approach. Young & old alike are tempted to pick up an offered brush, a pile of papers and join in the activity... then buy & take one home for friends & family . So as the