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A new beginning

Finding ways to remain a working artist while building my bakery/cafe business, The Cookie Cab has been a challenge. As the bakery moves into a more routine schedule and its ups & downs become easier to handle, my art plans have begun to come into focus. Small steps have been taken here & there but not consistently enough to gain any momentum. The first step was simply to create a space within the bakery for the art work to be displayed. The Cookie Cab Gallery became a space that I offer free to local artist, by my invitation,to exhibit work. All work is for sale and any sales go directly to the artist, no commissions are taken. This may seem crazy to some but it is in keeping with the "pay it forward" concept upon which the bakery was originally funded. The second step was to hold an opening for the artist, 4 Woman Art Show , that had been featured throughout the winter. On May 2nd, the opening was held with a very respectable turn out of visitors. The Cookie Cab