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Summer to Fall / Watercolor to Acrylic: My Journey

With summer 2014 officially over, it's time to get back to my blogging. The vacation was great! I may have been away from my blog but it was an art filled summer! Returning to the outdoor art shows was a real treat and an eye opener to the fact that I am older ( lugging equipment was harder!) and that I had to discover new venues to attend. Many of my old shows simply blew away with hurricane Sandy here in 2012 and the up and down economy simply ended many. Another surprising fact, returning to my full time painting brought a more adventurous outlook on my work. I made a deliberate decision to work in acrylics on canvas rather than the watercolor on paper for which I am known. I created many pieces landscapes, seascapes, florals and abstract in acrylic  with and without my signature textured papers. The results, I feel, were well worth the time and effort spent in the struggle of learning a new medium . The sales were encouraging also! Here are two  examples of my study.  Left