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Art Show & Sale Planned

In my last post I asked "What next?" The answer today is....The Cookie Cab Gallery, which is the showcase for my work as well as 4 other local artists, will hold an Art Show & Sale this Spring . The tentative date is Sunday, May 2nd. Preparations are already underway and I am pleased with the invited artists quick responses & the enthusiasm from the public. The last show I organized was years ago for The Ocean County Artists Guild. It was a state juried show & it took months of preparation . This is a little different but I hope all the years of being a participating artist in shows will give me an advantage to prepare well. A well organized show can make a big difference in the experience for both artists & public. I'll reveal the artists & some of their work in the next few posts.

What Next?

January 1st...has that new feeling..the anything could happen feeling. The past few months has been a whirlwind of changes for me. Closing out my season of art shows early, a new grandchild ...and the opening of my shop The Cookie Cab. Each event has been a new marker in the path of my life and each very special. January 1st.....expectations are always high followed by a nagging sense of the past year's missteps. I'm not one to make ! I know myself too well..... January 1st...... What will happen next? This past year has been such a surprise, unpredictable and exciting. It was a good year I look forward to 2010.