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What's Up?

The Memorial weekend unofficially kicks off the summer season here "down the shore". The boardwalks, beaches, parks and waterways ...and roads fill with visitors. Art shows are opening every weekend in various locations. Does anyone have money to spend this year that is NOT going into a gas tank? Is it going to be a season of browsers? Will those "incentive checks " actually be used to boost purchasing? Events in my life curtailed my entry into the fairs this summer. I have mixed feelings about this. I'm turning to the internet to market my work. Maybe this is a good thing to least I don't need to worry about the gas tank. In addition to this blog,I've revamped my web site ,published 2 lenses on squidoo , and . I'm establishing a social network on Twitter, . I'm even getting ready to open a


Image I'm beginning to enjoy this form of communication. In the last day or so I've posted to a number of sights that I normally would not have found . Originally my intent was solely to drive more traffic to my blog and web site. Now's also great fun. We all need that break in the day, especially if you work alone in a studio all day. So if you haven't tweeted on Twitter....give it a try, or click on my update in the right hand column of my blog and then check out my new squidoo page http://squidoo. com/frame_it_right , and join the discussion. Below is a work in progress..currently trying to warm up the tones . It's a panoramic: image size is 8"H x 27" W.

I'm Back

I have returned to this blog after a month long, self imposed break . This time away was needed to grieve for my father and to recoup from his care. Playing with my paints, sketching and reading many artists blogs and articles was my therapy. I think it worked well. Refreshed, I was able to introduce some new techniques into my work. I think I was painting by rote for awhile with my energies directed more toward my care giving. I'm excited once again about my work and feel that I am finding an interesting direction to go. This is a new piece will be available at