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Note to self....

In my last blog, I asked a question about whether I should  continue to paint and sell original work or to jump  into the growing trend of producing prints of my work and selling them in a variety of formats. It seems life has a way of answering my questions. As my daughter, Lindsay once stated "Perhaps you need to be more specific,mom." Lo and behold, just as I am about to turn to prints, along comes an acquaintance and offers me the opportunity to be my art representative who deals exclusively in originals. This coupled with yet another life change, caring for my life partner during chemo treatments and the closing of our restaurant business, life has given me an emphatic answer! So to begin the New Year of 2014.....I announce that my original work is  represented by Joan Hayes  and Kasey Child of  FineLeaf . Please take the time to visit this link and if interested in purchase of my work  please contact  Joan.--- -Helen This is an oldy but goody... and sold!