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I went home this past week. No, not to where I currently live...home, my roots. I returned to the landscape that first inspired, thrilled and I have always painted. Gone for over 24 years, I was amazed to see how vividly imprinted I am with my earliest impressions of mountain, lake and streams. I rode down the mountain, breathed the crisp air, touched the clouds and remembered the frost..and reunited with childhood friends. Crossroads...I have reached an intersection of my painting life. I don't need to start over,or let go of all that has gone before but I do need to turn.Continuing in the straight path is safe ,but the wrong way. Looking back on the titles of my last two posts have proved prophetic. That inner compass that has been swinging wildly has found its true North. I went home. I saw my past and knew I'd found my future. Today I approach my blank paper with a renewed excitement, a remembered dream and a reconnection to who I am.