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Pricing an opinion?

I've been invited by a local artist group to give a lecture on "pricing your artwork." It is a subject that brings heated discussion and varied answers. I do not want this to be a speech based solely on my opinions and methods. I have been compiling information from the web and by interviewing a number of artists. If you have a formula or experienced the angst of pricing and wish to share your point of view,write a short comment and submit it to this blog. I thank you for sharing and will give credit to you in my lecture should I quote your opinion or site your source.

The chicken or the egg?

Ohhhh's difficult to get back to blogging when you've been away ...mentally! How many times I thought today I'll blog and so many other things have come up. Today I did have a quick comment : social networking vs studio time. It's like the old joke of which comes first the chicken or the egg? This controversy of how much time to spend in a work day marketing and writing about your work to get it noticed as opposed to actually doing the work so you have something to write about is never ending. Ask a marketing coach and the answer is paint first then market. The reality is that in marketing you get entwined in all the sites that you've established. Neglecting them just makes it seems like you are spinning your wheels, regretting that you have already spent too much time and energy getting these connections started! Without these Internet connections you'd be running around in your car and still not be in the studio working! You know it's worth it b