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Moving ...packing...TRACO

Finally...I am moving my painting studio from my home office to the TRACO. What is TRACO? 
lol....long story short. 
 In 2009 my partner & I began a new adventure by starting a cookie bakery, The Cookie Cab which rapidly became a full service restaurant rebranded as The Cab. In November 2011 we added an independent cinema & playhouse next door, TRACO Theater. This new addition is a celebration of the arts bringing films, plays, comedy and lectures to downtown Toms River, NJ as it continues its revival as a destination of fine restaurants, entertainment & shopping.
Never forgetting my painting but having limited time and energy left after 18 hour days running two businesses, I am moving my studio to the loft of the TRACO. This  space gives me easier access to my materials and painting space and most of all a better use of time  to paint. 

It is my intention to create my studio as an interactive space with the many customers & visitors that  I have come to know through these…