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I am definitely feeling overwhelmed! The holiday activity is now added to the everyday schedules. This blog has been quiet simply because I needed to paint in the studio! As I have stated before,the internet has provided quite a schooling in art marketing and ideas to get my paintings on line but at what point am I saturated with information? Alyson Stanfields has been invaluable but it has also led me to half a dozen sites that I'd love to get involved,but have even less opportunity to keep up on their maintenance, such as . The struggle is often to keep focused on the work itself, not just the marketing. My bullentin board has grown crowded with upcoming due dates. This is not an unhappy problem ,rather a pressing need to keep focused and producing. I think my original background in the commercial art has given me that " deadline" mentality that seems at odds with the creative spirit. Painting faster may help keep my rep, gall

New Work

I just finished this piece and framed it today. As yet untitled, I've already received some nice feedback from customers watching me put it together. Three days a week,I work at a framing/ gallery. The access to so many styles of framing ,mat colors and techniques is an advantage that has made the presentation of my work a higher quality than many artists can make available to their customers. I think this is one of the reasons my work is well received. My customers know that when they purchase a framed painting ,it's a well thought out package, professionally crafted. I have a pet peeve about artists that simply slap on any old frame, especially when I know they have invested time and effort in their images. A fine framing job can make a difference.

Find Artomat image

This is the new image that I'm sending to the Artomat I spoke about this group in my blog in June ( take a moment and click on my archives listed in the right column). The first set of blocks that I produced are located in Tacoma, Washington. I have no idea where these will be distributed but its fun to know that they will find a home in places that I would never have the opportunity to cover on my own. These old converted cigarette machines that distribute art work are located nationally and internationally in museums, galleries, coffee houses ,gift shops. Artists include their contact information and hopefully will receive some feedback. To me its the possibilty, the hope ,the excitement of tossing a letter in a bottle with a message. I hope it will be found!