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I have a web site:
I have this blog:
I have 2 on line shops:
I have Facebook, Twitter& Squidoo.......
uh.....but do I have my painting?
The balance of painting and then marketing on all these sites is a challenge
and it can get very out of wack, especially at this time of year .
Black Friday, Cyber Monday,this promotion and that sale...hmmmm
push and do everything or be overwhelmed and do nothing?
Balance .
A word to be considered today.
The action to be taken.

Breathe.............paint! Smile!

Art Fire..launched

It's been a full month since my last blog. I've been very busy!
I've launched a new on line site: Come visit! Don't forget to drop by : too. Both of these sites are great for your holiday shopping. Here are 2 of my newest pieces on Art Fire.
The Falls