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Have you ever heard of an "Artomat"? I came across this interesting site last year. and recently became a new artist for the organization "Artist in Cellophane" . I am currently preparing these two images to be distributed by their unique methods, refurbished cigarette machines! Each is an original,watercolor /collage . Read their press coverage and you'll be intrigued by their national and international achievements...and thanks for NOT smoking!

Main Ave. Galleria

This past week has been busy. I have placed new paintings with the Main Avenue Galleria 57 Main Ave., Ocean Grove, NJ. 732-988-1002 If you are vacationing"down the shore" stop in and visit! Sold

My Treat

I wasn 't planning on posting again so soon! This little piece was an unexpected surprise after a crazy frenzy of painting this past weekend. Its peacefulness is in stark contrast to the events of that painting session! So it is "My Treat" to offer it to you. 5" x 7 ", mixed media,collage, mat board (rice paper surface texture) mounted and ready to frame. This piece is currently available @ Main Ave.Galleria, Ocean Grove ,NJ 732-988-1002 contact Norma Toliver .

Rest Here

It's been a hectic week. Paintings sent off to my rep, gave a demonstration for 23, made a new gallery appointment, new work for 2 shows,exchanged information and connected with other blogging artists. Whew! Can you blame me for taking a break with a calming walk? Rest Here......ahhhhhhhh! 5"x 7" ready to frame, mixed media collage,mat board mounted Please contact Main Avenue Galleria, ocean Grove ,NJ for purchasing information: 732-988-1002, Norma Toliver