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Sea Squall...Sold!

My last entry showed the beginnings of this piece on the left. My exploration of a more sculptural approach with my textures on canvas was an exciting new study for me. Refining and defining the various levels of textures was challenging. Many glazes of watercolor were applied to add depth to the shadowed areas. The papyrus piers and birds anchored the abstract image in a suggested reality. I have been inviting many of my customers into my new studio space that I recently  inhabit and while working on this piece I received an offer of purchase....I accepted! This is the final version that was sold ."Sea Squall" is 12" x 12", an acrylic and  watercolor collage of rice papers ,papyrus, torn  300lb. watercolor paper and sea shells.

Shadows & Light

Exploring textures in relief is continuing to hold my interest. It is the contrasts, not so much of color value, but of dark & light created by shadows & highlights that creates different views and response to this piece. Detailed below & photographed at eye level you can see the lift of textures that create the pockets of shadow.    

Extreme Textures

Renewed energy in my new studio space has spurred me to explore a different approach to my work.  For many years, I purposely integrated my textures of rice papers, torn watercolor papers, fibers etc. into a smooth surface . I fooled the eye into believing the painting was a watercolor painting,but in reality was hundreds of pieces of textures that created the surface & landscape image. My return to daily painting, though brief, has already  taken a turn to a more abstract and sculptural approach. Textures that I normally apply flat are rising off the canvas. Even the use of canvas as opposed to my watercolor paper is different. My first indication that I was headed in this direction came with the creation of "Emerging".   This detail shows the texture pulling away from the canvas surface. I am currently exploring a 12 x12 canvas that incorporates this more textural surface. I have simply allowed this to happen rather than return to my tried & true habits of