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Too Many Shops?

I have questions I'd like to address to the many "working artists", that follow this blog. Many of you have Etsy ,Artfire, 1000Market, Indie .Zazzle shops etc. Do you feel too spread out with your work ? Are the shops redundant? Do you place the same product in each or do you select certain products for one shop and different items for another? Are you finding different shoppers? If you have a web site that has shopping capabilities, do you still need another shop? I'd really like to get some feedback . I've been reviewing my sales.Based on the information,I'm thinking of reorganizing my shops, such as exclusively selling my best seller in one shop or only having higher priced work in another. What is your opinion? .......While we are on the subject of posting product . this floral cycle of paintings continues. Don't know why but I'll just go with the flow. In case you missed my tweets or FB announcements I've just posted new floral ACEO

Up & Running

Although I am still adding artwork to my new web site , it i s up & running. I had reached a point that my needs did not match up with my previous site. I've been searching for an alternative ,and I must say there are plenty of good systems these days, I chose FolioTwist . It is fairly new but was developed by Dan & Zac from Empty Easel . Do click through these links. I think you will find valuable information. The best part is that they take the time to explain and guide you in a very non - geek way. That in itself was a selling point for me. My learning curve has definitely gained speed but there are still some bumps along the way. I'd rather spend my time painting than dealing with computers. I asked questions and quickly received responses...nice. Anyhow I'll be adding to the site and experimenting since it is so easy to navigate.....come visit!

Things Change...

Another show come & gone..this one was sunny and I received an Honorable Mention Award! I even sold a painting that I was working on during the show! All good ..but... I do feel I've reached a plateau at the moment. Hmmmm...change is in the air. If I hesitate ..I'll be in this same spot mentally, creatively, and financially this time next year. Time to make some changes. Learning how to market my artwork on line as well as in my daily public contact is an on going process. Taking the time to listen to a number of artists that I've come to know both on the internet as well as through art associations has resulted in a need to adapt some of my methods. Soooo.. I'm going to be busy,going over basics, readjusting ,reevaluating. It's back to the drawing board and hopefully more success! A quick note here to my followers ...I'm in the process of changing over my web site host and my site will be down for a few days.

A Floral?!

Sometimes a floral just happens! Landscapes are my subject of choice. I splash color on a paper and I see trees,mountains, rivers and skies. Rarely ,despite the many laborious and enjoyable hours I spend in my own garden ,do I paint flowers. So when they appear,and that is the only way I can describe how they show up...I let them happen... lol ... and my galleria owner gets happy. Maybe it was all the rainy weather on the East coast, or I just needed a splash of fun to chase away the blues...any way... Enjoy!

Entrecard ..My Decision

Ok ..having left a number of comments on other blogs in response to their blog posts on the changes in Entrecard , I feel it is time to briefly state my thoughts. I will continue to use Entrecard as I originally did, accepting and purchasing ads for credits in subject matter that interest me and my following . This would be art/craft, artists / crafter , some blogging & or computer related help, recycling/green /environmental information ...hmmmm home and garden...too. I will accept paid ads ..ONLY if they are relevant to my site. Please do not apply if you do not fit the categories. I will reject them as not relevant. I am not interested in the new Entrecard format of purchasing/ payout cash system. I appreciate bloggers who actually take the time to read others posts, thoughtfully leave occasional comments and find new friends. Please don't just click may actually learn something new! " Nuff said...back to the drawing board!" ps ..... please