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Work in progress

Another painting in progress, continuing to learning from what came before. I'll be discussing this piece, how it started, changes as I developed it and the final work on my PaintersBrew blog. I reached a point where I ran off to my framer to set it inside a frame and see where I needed to adjust colors,shapes etc. Always is a good idea to step back and evaluate a work by isolating it in a mat or frame before finishing. Back to the drawing board.....

Canyon River

This is the newest mixed media work that I have completed. It is also the one that I am currently featuring in " how to" discussions on my instructional site PaintersBrew . Canyon River is 18"H x 24" W and is on watercolor canvas. It features my signature texturing of papyrus, unryu papers and textured gels. It is currently available by clicking on the Fine Art America link in my left hand column. A nice feature on this site is the ability to zoom in on segments of an image for closer views. Please take a moment and click on over...and welcome!

Steppin' Out

Through out our careers as working artist,we strive to be known by our body of work. Be it subject matter, medium, or techniques,an effort is made to create a body of work that is cohesive and identifiable as "my work".Style, if it grows out of considerable experience and not just copying other artists discoveries, can boost as well as hamper our recognition amongst peers and collectors. I say this while struggling myself with a new direction that my work is showing. Much like a singer, adjusting, after a key has changed with a maturing voice, so too there has been change as my painting skills have matured causing adjustments of technique, materials and style. The hesitation in presenting changes in your work ,particularly when you have already succeeded with what came before, is daunting. One must bring an established clientele to accept a newer vision . Change,if slow,steady and logically brought about over time as an outgrowth of painting,instructing and exhibiting, see

New Directions..

This original,mixed media painting featured on the right is my newest painting. Sirocco is a departure from my usual painting in that it is a work on canvas. Highly textured,this 12"H x 12"W watermedia work is currently available through ArtFire and Fine Art America . This piece was conceived as an example for my participants in my last mixed media workshop. I wanted to show the multiple techniques that can be applied in mixed media. I am currently beginning a new painting by resurrecting an old painting. My new blog, PaintersBrew is establishing itself as an instructional ,exploratory site in mixed media. Please join me, as we explore this painting style. sold