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The Horse Before the Cart

Recently I've devoted more and more time to my art marketing. I began Facebook ads and invested time and money to send more traffic to my web site , my posts on my business page , and my new shop site . I've joined a new art group  too. Do you know what? I stopped painting!!! There has to be a balance of time spent painting,and marketing . After all you can't market what you haven't produced.Emotionally I got myself into a tailspin and a litany of "have to". I have to do this,I have to do that ... hmmmmmmm something is definitely off here. So today I pause...... Washed out my brushes, squeezed out some new paint ...breathe, that's better.

Join the Conversation

As the snow flies...I miss being outside under my art tent participating in a show. What I miss the most is the conversation with the variety of potential customers and collectors that enter my "gallery". Over the years these moments of conversation have provided an education in my painting, marketing and understanding of what kind of artist I am in the process of becoming. What a valuable opportunity to engage with possible collectors of my work why stop during these winter bound days? In 2015 I am asking you to engage me in  conversation about painting be it on FaceBook , Pinterest , or this blog .  I will answer you to the best of my ability and in a timely manner. I, in turn, will no longer hit the "like' button and scroll on without adding encouragement, comment or my own question. I recently joined a new Facebook group : ArtCollectorsandArtists led by artist Robin Pedrero and  have taken this wonderful opportunity to share with other artist ...and I

Rework? Hell..Yes!

1st attempt  So each of us start out with that same clean canvas or paper. We attack it with all our gusto. Paint and brush fly to the rhythm of our music and ......blah. Does your canvas get relegated to a dark corner of your studio?  Do you actually convince yourself that it is an ok painting ....even frame it? Do I hear a mumbled  "Yes!" I know that I've sat staring at an unsold work on my living room wall debating ..leave it and just go from here, throw it out, hide it and pretend it was from your first year of painting....or learn from it. Unframe it, rework it, draw on it, wipe out whole areas . Use this effort to move forward and rejoice that you have come a long way least far enough to be your own critic! This is YOUR painting until it is sold. Start out 2015 with a look back and then go forward. Grab an old canvas and use it as a starting point to prime the work to come......Happy New Year! .. ..Helen Getting there!