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I've been trying to get to this blog all day. I read Lisa Call's blog about getting on the Resolution Revolution band wagon. This idea was the subject of Christine Kane's recent blog . Choose a word to be your touch stone during the up coming year rather than a list of New Year's resolutions. She had a list of word choice to think about and as I read through the selection "patience" seemed to be the word that resonated with me. In light of the recent addition of my elderly father to my household this choice will be repeated in my head 24/7. I'm in the process of adjusting to the world of "slow down" that is so necessary to his care. Tonight I missed a marketing call that I had reserved weeks ago ( before Dad) with smARTist Telesummit . Dad needed me just then...patience... with him, myself . He is sleeping. Now, I'll paint,write and catch up to my day. It will be wh

Life Changes...Again

Yesterday I took on the 24/7 care of my 90 year old father. Yesterday my life as I thought it would be ...changed. I looked at all my new business plans for 2008, upcoming events and knew that if I tried to accomplish them as planned that I would be frustrated ,unhappy and resentful. Then a wonderful moment happened. My father looked at one of my paintings and smiled ,told me to go into my studio as he drifted off for a nap . I painted during the time he slept within sight of my easel. I realized at that moment ...this will work out. So I'm throwing out my plans and starting again, including my Dad in my plans. This is a work in progress . Patience ,understanding and time is needed. Funny,as I write this, I realize that is exactly what my painting needed and Dad has given me this gift at a time when I needed it most.