Are You Talking to Yourself?

                                                         Are you talking to yourself? 

I certainly do! I'll be painting, perhaps singing along with my playlist of songs or listening to a Youtube webinar and I'll realize I'm asking questions aloud.  Is that value too light or too dark ? Why did I place that object right in the middle again. Is that color really what I see? Should I wipe it out and begin again ? It goes on and on. After all of this time you'd think that I'd know the answers but it happens more often than not. In 2000 I wrote in the back of a sketchbook "the only wrong questions are unasked questions..."
What I have learned over the years is to ask questions, to find the answers, arriving at a moment of  ah-ha, of learning and understanding and to share with other artists.
It doesn't happen overnight. The sources of information these days are overwhelming. Blogs, webinars, interactive online courses and Youtube can be your classroom in your studio each day. There are local classes, art guilds and the library, audio books and ebooks .
There is a learning curve that demands patience and a nurturing of good will toward yourself and connection with others. It is understanding the kindness of time and a habit of repetition. Most of all I give myself permission to alter my markings, to explore my medium and to question my vision. With that attitude, I walk into my studio each day seeking the adventure that is to be unpredictable, unknown and changeable.
The purpose of this Sunday check-in blog is to be present in the everyday habits of a working artist as a companion, and a sounding board. I hope you will participate in the Q &A of daily painting, leave comments, ask your questions and at times be the tough love of studio work.
Remember to start where you are. Let's get to work!


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