Talking to myself...again!

Sweet Solitude 
12"Hx24"W, oil on canvas


  Blogs don't always seem to be the way to communicate these days, yet here I am and hopefully you are curious enough to have landed here.

  I do manage a reel or two on Instagram, a story here and there, but no, I don't seem to have the wherewithal to set up a vlog. I do, however, appreciate and learn from the ones I follow mainly on youtube!

I've just been rereading some of my past blogs. I started writing in 2007, oh geez, that was 15 years ago!

It seems part of my painting education has been self talk while painting in my studio. Do you do that too? Often it is accompanied by dance moves that are accented by cracking knees and misinterpreted lyrics. Joyful moments because I'm doing what I love.

It seems every now and  then I do more self talk than painting. When I reach that point it is a clear sign that it's time to write down these swirling nuggets of late night wisdom so that I won't forget them. Sometimes I'm motivated to share these  thoughts with you, thus ...a blog.

Let today's pause to blog serve as a reintroduction to my past readers and an invitation to any new eyes. (I've recently added a subscribe button to my website and I'm getting many interested viewers.) 

I am surprised when I reread past blogs that I actually have had quite a journey in my painting discoveries. I do hope you'll scroll through my archives ( just tap those 3 little lines up in the header)and get a snap shot view of my studio life.and then check back to see what's new.


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