Begin where you are....kickstart 2020!

So where have I been? Long story,short is where I am!

   Five years away from blogging but miles along my journey as an artist. I've studied, painted and exhibited watercolor, mixed media,acrylic and now oils.
Many art shows later,cross country trips, 2 different homes ...5 grandchildren!
I've landed in a place that has brought me full circle...wanting to share my work ,my techniques, my studio and experiences as a dailypainter. 
I hope you will continue to seek me out . I'll be right here.

Please take time to scroll through my older posts to get to know my work of my past to see where I now have come.The life of an artist is
"Take Me There..."
oil on panel 5"x7"
a wondrous journey if you choose to take the first step...walk with me ...again.


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