Sea Escapes...

Living by the shore changes one's heartbeat. The sound of the surf, the warmth of the sands, the smell of the breeze, have contributed to many paintings over the years. I'm a lake kid from upstate New York. Oceans came later in life. Much to my surprise, I currently have five seascapes in process in my studio. Obviously, I need to get away!
As a painter this setting is a wealth of studies of rock, sand, grasses, birds, water and sky. Watercolor, mixed media, acrylic and oils. I've worked in all media for seascapes creating stormy seas crashing into rock and calm shoreline ripples against hot sands. Other than the work that is on my easel, they are all gone, connecting with the heartbeats of many of my collectors now. I do miss some of these paintings. Each was a moment in time in my life that was important enough to record. In an instant I recall that brush stroke, the choice of color to blend or torn paper to collage.
After months of lock down in this pandemic, a walk along a shoreline, even if only on my easel is a necessity. I need to feel the breezes, hear the surf, to look for the joyful colors of umbrellas planted the sands and hear the children's laughter in the wind.
 I listen to my 4 year old granddaughter, Zoe, tell me of her adventures to come "...when the world is healthy again." A child's hope and belief that all will be well infuses my "sea escapes."
My prayers are painted in the sands and seas...


Jess DiVietro said…
Zoe will meet you on the beach soon enough!
Kathy said…
Thinking you need a beach run my friend!🌊🏖
I’m ready when you are-soon!

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