A Tube of Paint...

   If your paint tubes look like this today,what does it say about your time in the studio? It really does tell a story and after some thought you'll find it says a lot about your journey as a working artist.

  There is great joy, expectation and excitement when a new tube of paint is in my hands. A gift of unpainted ideas yet to be uncapped, full with no squeeze indentations, clean rims and a cap easily removed. That first daub of rich, luxurious paint on my palette invites me to play.
I remember when I first encountered this introduction. I was never timid but this made me pause. Do I approach this mound of delight with a cautious brush or slash delightfully through with a knife?  I tried both. Now years later, the memory still lingers and my smile is there but it has taken on various expressions.  I've become my own cheerleader as well as critic while in the aloneness of my studio. The vision has become fine tuned as the learning curve was navigated from stumbling amateur to self assured professional.
  It was not one tube of paint but many, squeezed out over the years. In time of plenty a little paint was left in the tube before being discarded and in leaner times not a smidge remained. Theses tubes were my diary, my journal, my confident, my playmate that held the secrets of my creativity. It didn't matter if these tubes held watercolor, acrylic or oils. Landscapes, seascapes, florals, figures and abstracts  arising from thoughts and sketches  appeared on canvas and panel.
 A tube of paint... it is magical journey.

 Now would be a good time to travel while staying at home! #stayhome #staysafe #savelives


Unknown said…
There is potential in every tube of paint, but without the artist who is willing to test the potential in herself and in her life, the potential remains untapped even as the tube is emptied. You have created art with your life, your partners, your children, and your friends. Your potential will always be a full tube of whatever you choose to do.

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