Stay Home,Stay Safe, Save Lives!

I think of this blog as my Sunday morning check in. It is an arbitrary deadline because I usually don't wait to write it on that day. My thoughts bubble up throughout the week as I stand at my easel and paint. I jot down ideas, a word, describe an image, a lyric of a song. I pick up my pen or guitar as readily these days as I pick up my brush. Time has slowed and ideas that had no space are expanding. Words that have been banked in thought are being spent more freely. The notes long forgotten in my fingertips are picking out the basics once again. I am a student again. Reading and exploring the variety of skill lessons on the internet in so many subjects that I wonder at how narrow my focus had become as I aimed to meet that elusive "goal" in my own work. Sometimes it is just a glimpse of color, a phrase or a sound that has caught my attention and I'm off like a little kid once again looking for adventure....virtually.
In a time where we are all forced to turn inwardly, we are also finding ways to reconnect outwardly. A phone call, text or video chat with friends, and family help.The concerts, the baking videos, the diy videos, gardening, and painting lessons abound on TV or social media. The sun has cooperated at times, the rain more frequently but runners and strollers, distanced apart but ever present, remind us that our lives are going on... just differently.
I paint the outdoors while responsibly being indoors. I check in and Stay Home, Stay Safe, and  Save Lives!
Looking Down River by H Harris


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