pause |pôznoun...a temporary stop in action or speech. Wow! How appropriate is that for the time we live in right now?I seem to have taken this to heart in the studio this past week. I started and stopped a number of tasks. I'd head in one direction then find myself turned around in another. Confusion? No, I don't think so. I found my pause button and it was quickly followed by the question"why?" My subject choice, palette, medium, the time spent or not spent in the studio, everything was on the table to be questioned and really examined. If anything, this pandemic and pause of our "normal" habits in our day, have caused me to really look at my day as an artist. I have/had an exhibit at a library that opened just as the world shut down, not unlike many working artist. My work is still hanging, unseen and out of reach, my website, Instagram and Facebook and eBay  are my "galleries" for now. What this pandemic did not pause was my creativity! Perhaps it is this "time out" that has allowed me to simply experiment without pressure of producing. The amount of productivity is not the important factor but this time to pause, to explore a new approach, color or subject is an opportunity not to be wasted. So this week I invite you to pause. It is simply a TEMPORARY STOP in action and question,

then discover what could be..


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