When What Was ...Isn't

You've cleaned your studio, inventoried your supplies and turned those failed paintings back around. With all the best intentions you set up a schedule ...your heart just isn't in it. The time you used to have for yourself to paint is filled with other family members, invading your space and interrupting any semblance of concentration and of course there is just plain fear and anxiety right now.You may be the person that has to hold it all together for others that surround you.
KNOW THIS ! You have a super power...your creativity. We are rarely creative in just one thing. All over this world right now the human spirit is singing to each other, playing music, reading aloud, sharing in a life that we rushed through each day and has now slowed to a halt. We are finding long forgotten interests in hobbies, crafts, picking up that old guitar or plunking on the dusty keyboards of our past. We are creatively converting spaces in our homes to accommodate the semblance of an office and homeschooling.
     I dusted off my sewing machine. I am making masks. I watch on Instagram and use FaceTime to see my children entertain my grandchildren, teaching them new ways to stay active and entertained and hopeful. Humorous memes cajoles the fearful thoughts from our minds and brings laughter in place of tears.
I'll find my way back to my canvas. Perhaps it will be in the early morning hours alone  when I am not needed rather than midday. It waits for me, for my heart to beat evenly, for my joy in color to be made visible.
I'll check in next week and the week after that.  Let me know how you are doing.
Be well, take care ....Helen


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