Scribble,Doodle and Sketch

The Scribble has been with us throughout our lives. Beginning in those first joyful movements as a toddler . Every motion a wonder to those around us and an effective diversion used to distract us from mischief! Oh the joy! Until that question ; what is it? There was a pause in our crayon fisted hand as we pursed our lips but with absolute confidence named our creation. Seeing the  questioning but adoring look of the adult that asked,we persisted .
The Doodle ...ah yes those filled in spaces that connected .We forced closure and form upon our scribbles. Adding ink blotted lines that became boxes and mazes, circles and faces over the notebooks,and textbooks of our growing years. Throwing in names and dreams of what we were becoming but now we were the ones asking ; what is it?
The Sketch was born of ideas, past experiences and the  places we have traveled, the people we have met along the way. It is our observed reality or expressed creativity in the abstract. A combination of the joy of scribbling, the satisfaction of a recognizable form, the intellectual critique of design. It is  our answer to... what is it?
How we were encouraged along the way formed our pursuit of creativity. Whether we pushed and fought against a resistance or thrived in an exciting exploration . Our formal education may state otherwise as to what are the elements of design but secretly we know was our first scribble , our idle teenaged "while talking  to a friend"  doodle that led us to our sketches and beyond.

Scribble, Doodle and Sketch and see where it leads this week. Don't pause and think about it. Just do it! Play!
The Scribble by Emerson DiVietro, 23 months ...full disclosure my grandchild!


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