Coping in My Own Backyard

It seems trivial to be sitting here writing this blog in light of what is happening all around us today with the covid-19 virus. I'm writing as part of my self care and in an effort to also keep connected to others in my tribe of artists, collectors, friends and family. After all, art is a way of communicating everything about our lives. Historically, artist have documented the trials as well as the celebrations of mankind. This time will be no different. Our thoughts, ways of coping, our relief and grief will be drawn, painted, sculpted, danced, sung, composed and written in the coming years.
Choose to be a part of this through your art! It's a healthy, sane proactive way that will help you as well as those around you!
For my part, I have spent the last few days outdoors, turning dirt in the vegetable  garden and breaking ground for new flower beds(we've had a warm winter here ). As I was doing this, I formed a plan for my next project. Having just set up an exhibit of my landscapes at a local library, I needed to find something new to move forward. Standing in my freshly turned garden I decided that my next sketchbook and paintings are to be about gardening, tools, plants, blooms, vegetables and flowers. Not my usual subjects, so this will be a challenge that will take my concentration and a perfect distraction from worry and anxiety.Who knows how long we are going to need to stay far from crowds and this is my own backyard. 
I'd love to hear what art plans are in the works for you during this time that will help you cope and show up in your studio. Just add a comment below.
 Be well, stay connected, focused and positive...Helen

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