The Road the beginning

When I began painting I chose watercolor. I was fascinated by the movement of the colors as they traveled across my paper. After years of study in a more formalized graphic design program,the freedom of water color was exciting. I found the subtle blends of color and the unusual tendrils of forms which gave me the creative push that I needed to move on in my work. I loved to work directly with no set plan. Pale and timid to begin, I found my balance about two years later. That's my learning curve. Each time I've ventured into another medium that ah-ha moment came after two years. I loved landscape but felt a need to explore textures. .
 Mixed media came into my creative realm. My watercolors combined with torn papers rice papers and papyrus, all preserved with gel medium and abstracts! I found my sweet spot...until I found a need to explore three dimensional work! I was still searching.
Continuing on my journey I delved into my mixed media of gels and now acrylics! Lifting my rice papers and sculpting the pieces up and away from a canvas surface. I explored landscapes,florals and abstracts...but there was more to come..... and that 's the beginning of my story. 
 Join me next Sunday to continue on  the road I traveled.


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