Dot,Line and Shape

 I finally have an answer for the person who tells me that I am so talented but they can't even draw a straight line or a stick figure. Some may think I'm being funny, glib or maybe even offensive but here is my reply:
"If you place a dot, which is really nothing more than a mark on a surface and then place another dot right next to it, you have the beginning of a line. If you then continue this pattern turning the line until it meets the other end you have a shape."
 You see, I do not think it is the act of using these elements that is stopping anyone from becoming an artist but rather the confidence and self permission to allow themselves the time to play with something so silly as the dot, line and shape. After all isn't that what children do as they gleefully attack a cup full of crayons and paper?
Creativity is child's play! Add some color and a squiggle.....ta da!

 Lol... could it really be this simple? In essence, YES! 
Where you go from here though is a life long pursuit and exploration that will bring you to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It will tease you with brilliance and mock you in your attempts that disappoint.
As you are finding out as my blogs proceed that I have the deepest respect for those who truly pursue their path as a working artist and I  encourage all to open themselves to the possibilities and willingly share what I have learned along the way. I hope that as you come to trust me that this will be a two way conversation.
I have been known to yell at my canvases "BE BRAVE!" and it is often followed by a broad brush stroke of RED. What is your warrior cry and badge of color?

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