A Gift of a Walk

  As the colder air greets me on my morning walks, I return to my studio for a hot cup of  tea. I
realize that my painting has been slowly shifting from a summer palette of sea inspired colors 
to the autumn golds and now a cold snap brings out a snowy image ! 
  It seems to me that from Halloween to NewYear's Day my world just whizzes by.  I struggle to keep a daily routine of painting that is filled with a flurry of activities, family gatherings and greetings of holidays. It is so easy to be distracted by all of this activity, staying focused is so difficult.
   I have posted my upcoming shows and due dates for a variety of painting assignments on my easel ..to be read and bargained with every time my eyes drift to that cozy couch and book or the pile of knitting that awaits my new grandchild. Yes...being a "working artist" is a job...not an easy one. 
It has an aura of freedom to do as I please,whenever I choose. I laugh at the thought when look back over the years that I have spent, paint spattered and charcoal smudged.  I look back over all the images that I have designed, drawn and painted and I see a lifetime of work, accomplished, because 
I did stay focused. I know that I may give myself a gift of another walk, a well earned time, refreshing and filled with the expectation of the next canvas! 

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