Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Gift

Whew! Today I am painting with a renewed energy.
I have met my goals of completing all my commissions, placing work in new galleries/shops and stepping up my marketing before the holidays.
Between now and the New Year, I'll be reassessing the hits and misses of 2014. Always my hardest critic is that little voice inside that will rip up, tear down all that I've done....but.... this year I learned to keep track of those little triumphant moments. The ah-ha of unexpected success to build on in the coming year. Today as I pick up my brush I feel a slowing down that comes with thoughtful intent of focusing on the present. Today I paint for me... a gift!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Holiday Shopping!

Please keep this in mind while thinking of your holiday gift shopping. Remember to shop local and support your community. There are many holiday art & craft shows in your community waiting for you to browse,purchase and enjoy the holiday spirit. Please take a moment to support the efforts of these artists with a purchase.
thank you...Helen

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ready,Set ....GO!

The outdoor art tent show season has ended with the chilly days and many  artists have moved indoors. There are a variety of Craft & Art Shows that pop up in this upcoming holiday season. Are you ready?
I always have a constant struggle of taking a break from the summer's exhausting circuit and want to take some time off to simply relax but come Fall those Holiday shows beckon. I'm never ready for  them....and rather than chastise  myself for it I've learned that perhaps that 's not the way for me to go. My rhythm  changes and so does my work....
This year I decided instead of regretting that I wasn't ready with the holiday stuff I'd look to place my work with gallery/shops for the winter and explore scheduling a solo show for the up coming year. This has given me new energy to work instead of guilty regrets.  I've placed my work in three shops so far, giving my work an opportunity to be seen and sell rather than gracing my own walls through out the winter season. I've  scheduled a solo for November 2015, far enough away to explore a theme for the show but within a reasonably short time to  keep preparing with a deadline.
Understanding myself as an artist and my work habits has come after many years of experiencing the highs and lows of working everyday. The "everyday" has been my key to self discovery. I am in charge of what I do or don't do....Are you?
So Ready, Set ....GO!
My work is available at the following Gallery/Shops for this winter:

  •   The Noyes Museum Shop- Hammonton, NJ
  •   Idiosyncrazies, Pt. Pleasant Beach,NJ
  •   Picture Perfect Gallery, NJ
  •   Solo show: November 2015 @ Idiosyncrazies, Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ

I am always adding new work to my web site: and have paypal options to purchase directly from me on the site for work that has not been placed with galleries.
I hope you'll take a moment to visit!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Summer to Fall / Watercolor to Acrylic: My Journey

With summer 2014 officially over, it's time to get back to my blogging. The vacation was great! I may have been away from my blog but it was an art filled summer! Returning to the outdoor art shows was a real treat and an eye opener to the fact that I am older ( lugging equipment was harder!) and that I had to discover new venues to attend. Many of my old shows simply blew away with hurricane Sandy here in 2012 and the up and down economy simply ended many.
Another surprising fact, returning to my full time painting brought a more adventurous outlook on my work. I made a deliberate decision to work in acrylics on canvas rather than the watercolor on paper for which I am known. I created many pieces landscapes, seascapes, florals and abstract in acrylic  with and without my signature textured papers. The results, I feel, were well worth the time and effort spent in the struggle of learning a new medium . The sales were encouraging also! Here are two  examples of my study. 
Left Behind : 12"H x 24"W (sold)
Transitions 1

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Upcoming 2014 Outdoor Art Shows

Getting back on track with a schedule of art shows for this summer has been my goal this Spring. This involved many different activities that had been second nature to me and now I had to begin from ground zero once again. This has been a daunting  experience while being a caregiver. Paintings, equipment and contacts, all needed to be reorganized or gathered. Months of  painting throughout the winter filled with the usual artistic angst having not shown my work in a few years. Realizing that the past skills, although it was considerable, no longer suited my artistic vision and that I needed  to move on in new directions to be satisfied with my work.

I have succeeded! At this time I have been accepted  in the following shows:

  • West End Park 2014 Art Show:  May 25th,  Sunday Long Branch, NJ
  • 50th Annual Promenade Art Show: July 11-13, Friday-Sunday, Cape May, NJ
  • Collingswood Craft & Art Festival: August 16 &17, Saturday-Sunday, Collingswood, NJ
I do hope that you will join me at these venues.
I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Movements: 12" x 12"  mixed media /acrylic on canvas

Friday, March 28, 2014

Phoenix...I rise again!

I think I should change my name...Phoenix ! As many time as I have had to pick myself up and begin again, it is more than appropriate.
I am going back out on the road again. The outdoor art show circuit is about to begin in earnest and I want, need to go this year.
Many of the venues that I worked a few years ago were blown away with hurricane Sandy and I must track down new venues. I also must get the word out that if my customers of the past want to view or purchase my work it is now directly available through me, not a representative.
So ...wish me well and come see me. I'll be posting the up coming show dates as they are confirmed.
Thank you for your loyalty and purchases over the many years....Helen

commissioned piece: watercolor/mixed media...sold

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Sunday has snuck up on me again. Busy, busy days of painting, shipping things off to my art rep and caring for my partner after chemo has taken up my time. One of my diversions from the constant pace is catching up on my Pinterest boards. My youngest daughter, Lindsay,  got me started on this social media. I had trouble navigating it on my android but found that I was much more successful on my desktop computer. This past week I've been able to add boards of my paintings, sketches and even work of other artists that I enjoy.  I'm just starting to enjoy exploring the possibilities of using Pinterest for marketing as well as my own enjoyment. Give it a try .
This is a value study photo from my pinterest board : my sketches