Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Gift of a Walk

  As the colder air greets me on my morning walks, I return to my studio for a hot cup of  tea. I
realize that my painting has been slowly shifting from a summer palette of sea inspired colors 
to the autumn golds and now a cold snap brings out a snowy image ! 
  It seems to me that from Halloween to NewYear's Day my world just whizzes by.  I struggle to keep a daily routine of painting that is filled with a flurry of activities, family gatherings and greetings of holidays. It is so easy to be distracted by all of this activity, staying focused is so difficult.
   I have posted my upcoming shows and due dates for a variety of painting assignments on my easel be read and bargained with every time my eyes drift to that cozy couch and book or the pile of knitting that awaits my new grandchild. Yes...being a "working artist" is a job...not an easy one. 
It has an aura of freedom to do as I please,whenever I choose. I laugh at the thought when look back over the years that I have spent, paint spattered and charcoal smudged.  I look back over all the images that I have designed, drawn and painted and I see a lifetime of work, accomplished, because 
I did stay focused. I know that I may give myself a gift of another walk, a well earned time, refreshing and filled with the expectation of the next canvas! 

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Small Works...for Big Ideas.

How do I express the many sights and  awestruck moments that I enjoyed on my trip West ?

I attempted to keep a journal on my trip but quickly discovered that there were only so many ways that I could say "wow!' . Words simply failed to express the wonder of such immense, open land. 
I tried some photographs and was more successful, but still felt that the 360 degree vision of clouds in a crisp morning air was lost in the flatness of the shot. I recorded the facts and now as I paint each day I am trying to convey the feelings that were present. 
Little by little the images are beginning to appear as I sift through all that I absorbed from walking in this wonderland of mountains, plains and coast, through pines and sage and drought dried riverbeds. 
As I prepare to paint larger canvases than I've ever tackled before, I decided to work out the images not only in my sketches but as small paintings.  
My Etsy shop  features  these "small works " and they are available for purchase.



Tuesday, August 25, 2015

East to West 80mph

Laying out a new palette of colors...the West is so different from what I'm used to in the East. Did I mention the colors in between of the Mid West?
  The last 15 days of my life have been driving through out this beautiful country, 7000 miles to and from. Until now most of my life has been along the Eastern Atlantic seacoast. Blues and varied greens, deep tones of purples have been the hues of my life. I reached the Pacific coast. Drought has dried the mighty rivers and turned the green tinged, rocky wilderness to tones of yellowed brown suedes. Silvery /violet sage brush withstand the harsh, unrelenting sun. Smoke from over 200 fires blanketed the ridges. Astonished by the vast grazing pastures and ever-present cornfields interrupted by farms of wind turbines, the images are starting to take form in my first sketches in pen & watercolor...paintings sure to follow.
Will this be my theme for my upcoming Spring show in 2016? Time will tell. Can I connect the dots of my life long painterly East coast experience to the brief exposure to such a stunningly different horizon? I really don't know,but am excited to see what happens next on my canvases. Follow me!


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Beginnings & Endings...

SplitRock Falls has been a learning experience in painting as well as marketing.

 Repainted, framed, almost purchased, unframed, repainted and now...finished!
Such is the life of some paintings.They get placed against a wall for months even turned toward the wall in rejection only to be revisited from time to time because it nags the soul of a painter.The bare bones of the idea has always remained along with the vision and intent, but the painting took many revisions.
 I've learned to hashtag my "works in progress" ( #wip) so that my customers realize that changes may yet occur while posting on social media. I must give credit to  the outspoken yet gentle critique from one of my collectors for pointing me in the right direction on this one. An early version of this painting attracted her interest. After visiting my studio, not realizing that the work was still undergoing changes, she passed on its purchase, respecting my need to pursue my approach to the work and not compromise for the sake of a sale.  I think the extra work was worth it!

original version
final version

Monday, July 27, 2015

Packing Up...Westward Ho!

      I'm about to drive across the country. Half excited, half dreading the long journey, I'm making decisions of what art supplies to pack. Really, you'd think this would be a simple task...just bring everything! Of course, I envision stopping roadside to capture every new plant life, river & mountain.
I will be resting along the highways & byways to picnic in a bucolic setting watching the sunsets as I go west, painting en plain air.....ahhhhno.
Recently I returned from one trip to New Hampshire & Maine and another from the Adirondacks of New York. I am more fully aware and at ease with the methods and habits of my day as an artist that have worked for me over the years. Always changing as I've added new skills, I've also learned to be kind to myself and not beat myself up when that gorgeous sunrise was not captured, brush in hand at that moment right there on the spot or sketched in newly purchased journals.
       You see, I was present, but I had a  nice hot cup of coffee in hand and felt the chill in the fresh mountain pine scented air. I watched the sun peaking through the trees and sparkling on the water. I absorbed my colors and my hand would sometimes trace in the air the movement of the trees in the breeze. I silently  watched ...the birds flying through the mists, the gentle ripples of landings on the water that made the reeds sway......and then I painted, after arriving home, in my studio.
From these moments observed, felt, ingested, my painting has evolved. Fascinated by textures on the surface of my canvases the rock that I saw is now collaged in 3D on my canvas. The waterfalls cascade in abstract shapes. I am true to my vision, my painting.
 I'll bring my sketchbook, make some notes, splash some paint ......maybe they will get used. I know with all certainty that the paintings I do in the near future will be the rocks I climbed and skittered down.  The trees that shade me (and I sneakily climb) will appear in textured surfaces of paint. Observed, inhaled, skinned knees and all, the West will become a part of this Eastern artist's vocabulary because I lived it ...not just recorded it.
 past work...observed, absorbed ...and lived

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Daily Rhythm

   My day has a certain flow to it. Habits and patterns have been established over years. I must admit it probably reflects a little OCD also! I don't think about it much until it's not there. I know that this week,  traveling, catching up on the mundane house chores, paying bills...  I've lost my rhythm.
My paints have dried on the palette, a painting that I'm stuck on remains untouched on my easel and I'll find every reason not to walk into the studio. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter all beckoning with feeds that distract me...even a good book. It is depressing and I need to follow my own past advice.
Just start...scribble, throw paint and play. 
In the past this has always lead me out of my doldrums. When the colors hit the paper or canvas I start to feel better. Just the pure activity of painting, since I was a child, has brought back my joy, and minimized problems real or imagined. I think perhaps the resurgence of coloring books that now fill adult book store shelves "get " this idea. Color,form,movement is the rhythm of life.
Go doodle... Helen

Friday, July 17, 2015

Going Home

This past week I enjoyed a trip away from my studio. I revisited my home in upstate New York, near Albany.  I had a wonderful time revisiting the fields I ran in as a child, the hills I flew down on my bike and the lakes where I  learned to swim. While  catching up with a childhood friend, a suggestion to go see a Van Gogh exhibit at The Clark Museum in Williamstown, MA became an exciting unexpected side trip.
As we drove up Rt.43 from NY state to MA, I recalled the source of  my paintings! I had absorbed that land as a child and never left it behind.  More gently rolling mountains than the soaring ones I saw last month in New Hampshire and Maine, expanses of pastures broken by the now green swath of ski runs, with glittering lakes tucked into every turn. My head was on swivel as my hands painted the air.
   I entered The Clark and walked the Van Gogh exhibit. Painting after painting I saw work of this artist that I had never seen before. Sketches were next to paintings working out the rhythms of his brush strokes. I recalled a teacher once telling me that as students we never used enough paint and were afraid to leave a brush stroke. Van Gogh's work was stunningly the opposite of that!
As this exhibit ended I turned to the permanent collection. Homers, Sargents, Renoir,The after gallery and I experienced a strong deja vu . I felt another pull of childhood long forgotten, as if these paintings had been my playmates, I smiled and enjoyed my renewed wonder of each piece. A quick text to my brother, and he  explained that I had visited this museum as a small child, with family long ago...perhaps the first thrust into my life as an artist recalled by going home....Helen

My favorite work by Van Gogh:
The Cypress