Sunday, September 15, 2013

Giving up is not an option.

If you have wondered why my post stopped for so got in the way.

I return for it is who I am...not just what I am ... a working artist.

Yes, my forward motion in painting was interrupted while I helped my partner, Kim, build a successful restaurant and theater The time has finally come and I can return to my painting. I did continue to sell my work here & there but my inventory is too depleted to apply to shows at this time. So I find myself sifting through old drawings & paintings, books, marketing articles and I am overwhelmed by the passage of time,rusty skills and advanced internet marketing.

Breathe...the long journey must begin with that first step. Today I begin from where I am right now.My steps may falter but up is not an option.

"Morning Glow" mixed media,unframed, 5.5"H x 7.5" W .

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