Sunday, November 14, 2010


On October 31st, my new business venture The Cookie Cab celebrated its one year anniversary. Happily I can say it has been a success. In fact, it expanded from a bakery to a bakery /cafe, adding sandwiches & soups ! Celebrating the anniversary, we expanded to a second shop The Cookie Cab Retro Candy & Nuts that has been well received by the town.
As I have stated in my blogs this venture has detoured my painting guess that's an understatement. Through it all I have hung on to the fact that the day would come that I would paint again ......and I am! Not as prolific as once before but the paintings are beginning to surface & I have participated in two shows.
At The Cookie Cab, I created The Cookie Cab Gallery, where I feature the works of local artist. Part of our business plan is to "pay it forward". The Gallery wall is free of charge to these artist & all sales go to the artist 100% commission is taken. A few sales have been made, but more importantly, many of the business people in town take the time during their lunch break to browse and talk about the paintings. The holiday season is approaching and some are looking for that special gift & a painting or two will be purchased. This Gallery has also served a purpose for me. It has kept my goal of returning to the studio alive.
Surrounding myself with my work has been an incentive to strive towards that goal. I was blessed with two years of working daily as a painter when life's detour made it necessary to jump back into the fray of "business". I struggled mightily against this path, feeling that if I kicked & screamed enough I could go back to my real life as an artist. I only created a tougher road. Thanks to the calming conversations with my beloved brother, I finally was able to flow with the process and arrive where I am today . The Cookie Cab is successful. ....and I am painting again!


yankeegirl said...

Hi Helen! Congrats on your business venture and for getting into the studio more. The world is a better place with your art in it. Continued success and I hope to see you soon!


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Wow! What a great update. Way to go!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Hoooray on all accounts!!

FunkyFolky said...

Helen, I admire your passion to keep painting SO much. You have such a fire in you and I can "feel" it through your art. I am so glad your cafe is doing well and I wish I lived close enough to you to submit a painting to your Cookie Cab Gallery!

Renee :)

Helen Harris said...

Thank you all for the encouragement. I sometimes feel like I'm going backward instead of forward...feeling like I'm left behind . I realized that as long as I have the desire to paint it will always be waiting for me. Simply pick up the brush and....PAINT!