Sunday, October 4, 2009

Caught between two worlds....

I thought the last time I became a full time artist it was finally my time. I'd found all that I needed and wanted. I worked very hard at my marketing, show schedules won awards and sold my work on a regular basis. Circumstances beyond my control have once again placed me in the forked path of my art and " other " work. My palette went untouched this past week for the first in a long time. I am feeling the strain of needing to be in two places at once.
My partner & I are about to open "The Cookie Cab" (if you are reading my post, it is a cookie delivery service/ bakery). Scrubbing floors and ovens has been my work week of late.
I did honor the artist in me by setting up "the artist's corner". An old drawing table from my college days, along with some sketch pads and pencils sits in the corner of the well scrubbed area by the front windows, awaiting a moment for me to begin work in my new "studio". I've ordered a hanging system to install in the shop for my own paintings to hang and that of other local artists. I'm sure the place will take on a character of its own..but right now it seems ...well ..clean. I'm hoping that the soon to be baking aroma ,the bustle of customers and the interaction that will happen, will relieve this feeling of being once again out of step. Not artist, not baker,....not me.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Best wishes being sent your way.

You work hard and I'm sure it will pay off. You'll return to your art when the time is right. For now, COME ON COOKIES. Make sure and keep us posted on how you are doing.

Helen Harris said...

thanks for your encouraging thoughts...I'll keep you posted

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On a Whimsey said...

Good luck with your new venture! I can so relate since I, too, have started a new venture whereby my daughter and I hire out chair covers and coloured sashes. It's as if between, demos, admin, washing, ironing, shows etc I rarely have time to divulge my art genie! Still, time will tell!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

The Cookie Cab sounds really neat. Maybe I'll be there sometime (probably not, you are a long ways away!)