Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hazy,crazy days of August

Those hazy, hot,humid days of August that will lull you into the "I don't care " attitude have arrived . Blog?...nah! Add to your shops? ...nah! Paint?..naaaaaahhhhh uh - oh another show this weekend!
Here are a few of my motivators.

"Nobody is responsible for your success–or lack thereof–except you"
I've added to this my mantra of the day ...this is my business!
If you need to get moving post this on every surface...and your forehead!
I strongly suggest you click on my sidebar offer of Alyson's book "I'd Rather be in the Studio"
for more guidance.

  • Another helpful possibility, check out Christine Kane and download her daily schedule template.
  • Another favorite is "Marketing Mondays" .Bill Weaver's writing just rings true in his newsletters from "The Artists Center "
I hope you'll click on some of these links. There is so much unhelpful content out there that when I do find solid, workable, informative sites I feel it should be shared.

If you have found other sites that have been helpful to you, please leave a comment ..thanks!

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bwphoto said...

Thanks for the mention Helen I'm glad to be of help and I'm glad you find my newsletter helpful.