Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm Back

I have returned to this blog after a month long, self imposed break . This time away was needed to grieve for my father and to recoup from his care. Playing with my paints, sketching and reading many artists blogs and articles was my therapy. I think it worked well. Refreshed, I was able to introduce some new techniques into my work. I think I was painting by rote for awhile with my energies directed more toward my care giving. I'm excited once again about my work and feel that I am finding an interesting direction to go.
This is a new piece will be available at

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Helen. I think your time off to remember your dad and get your head back on straight has served you well. (It's still soon, but painting itself is therapeutic.) Music from the 40's, huh? Big sounds! Lovely paintings...

Barb H.