Friday, February 22, 2008


It was my intention to return to the basics of drawing during this new year . I just didn't realize that the need would be one of solace rather than discipline The last few days caring for my father has been discouraging. Concentrating on painting has taken a back seat to meeting his needs. Mindlessly staring at television while Dad drifts off to sleep got old pretty fast. Working in my studio while he was sitting up and dozing proved dangerous when he would suddenly awaken and come looking for me or start to wander. My solution was to grab an old sketch book and doodle while sitting with him as he fell asleep.
I've never been a fan of sketch books. I've always felt pretentious using one, self conscious in committing line to paper, usually opting for a scrap of paper instead. This time when I picked up a sketch book, what was to be a matter of convenience is actually becoming a journal of comfort. It is the rhythms of lights and darks , the strength of a solid composition...the simple wandering in a landscape image of peace to refresh my heart and ease my mind. So I draw....into the night.

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