Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Art of Blogging

I have been reading many blogs of late, rather than writing a blog. I'm fairly new to this blogging idea and I decided to take a tour of other blogs for a short time to read other approaches to this format. I've started to formulate my likes and dislikes and have come to some conclusions.

  • I need to take notes while reading other blogs ! I find an idea from one blog that links me to another and then sometimes to another. If I want to quote or give credit to the author I find it difficult to remember where it originated.

  • I appreciate bloggers listing interesting blogs and links in side bars that they have found . I now have connections through their suggestions that I may never have discovered on my own.

  • Blogs that contribute to informational content as opposed to whining disgruntlements ( though we all have those moments)are far more serving and I return to them repeatedly.

  • Taking the time to comment on blogs and receiving a comment is crucial feedback !

  • Making time for blogging, both writing & reading, is a habit. A habit needs time to take hold and work.A regularly scheduled time to do it makes sense.

  • As a visually attuned person, blogging forces the verbal side into action. A good exercise and it helps when speaking with my customers about my work.

I hope by stating these thoughts,I have given myself a direction for blogging that I can follow in the New Year . It's not a resolution so much as a desire to continue to redirect my work to fit more comfortably with my life and working situation that finds me more and more in my studio and making my living as a full time artist, while expanding my selling base from the studio.

Merry Christmas & Happy NewYear!

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