Saturday, July 21, 2007

New & Improved

On the left is the original painting "Sugar Pines" painted in 2005. It has gone through a few shows unsold. Never a favorite of mine. I frequently repainted it in my minds eye as I passed it each day in my home. This week I took the framing apart and revisited the piece.
On the right is the revised version of "Sugar Pines" painted in 2007 and just placed at the Main Ave.Galleria,Ocean Grove,NJ.
It immediately attracted interested buyers.
It's always a risk to repaint a piece. Sometimes it is just destroyed and replaced .
There are those pieces that you know have some value. The idea was good or the composition was just right but your eye new something was flawed, yet you hesitate....
Remember it's only a piece of paper. Take a chance...PAINT....and know that you've learned and come a long way.

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