Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just show up...

Part of the excitement/terror of being an artist is simply showing up in your studio each day. If you are a working artist meaning this is how you pay your rent & eat and not a hobbyist whereas your art is not a means of financial survival ( though  maybe emotional & intellectual survival),then showing up is not an option. 
That being said...sometimes you just can not get going. 
After a 4 year hiatus while my partner & I were building a restaurant/theater business, getting back into the daily routine of drawing & painting, despite my love of it, is not easy. I have, however, found an energizing way to take those first tentative steps each day. Up early for some alone time with a cup of coffee in hand, I go to my computer. No emails, no Facebook or Twitters...I view youtube. Never as before has so much research been available for artists in so many ways. From beginner "how to's" to inspiring interviews of artists  from all disciplines and levels of expertise, are readily available to teach, encourage, excite and even enrage your sense of visual imagery. I have found a tribe of artists to keep me company through out my day as my co workers and as my teachers .
Off to work I go... my latest work in raised textures on clayboard: Sea Gifts 6"H x 6"W 
available through FineLeaf

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Yankeegirl said...

I was just watching some YouTube tutorials last night. Such inspiration and I learn so much from them. Welcome back Helen...welcome back.!