Sunday, January 12, 2014

Inevitability of Change

If you read my last post "just show up..." you'd understand that this is post is an out growth of thoughts from my work during the week. 
This  is a prime example of a what I mean  when I use the term "working artist."By showing up each day you generate a possibility of growth in your painting, and thoughts. Each day that your brush passes over a surface the imprint of your marks leads to another, accumulating your rhythms and thoughts of creativity. The self talk dialogue in a studio while alone or conversation with another artist by phone, emails, blogs,YouTube etc. open up an exchange that inevitably will show up on your canvas. 
This past week  I came across a word, a process that was a moment of ah - ha, recognition of kindred spirit and thought. Wabi-Sabi, whispered to me in my reading and then with glaring recognition I looked up at my current work and it resonated with clarity of where I had been, where a I am now and where I seem to be heading.It made perfect sense and it felt right and true to me...growth!
I sighed with relief because I realized the the visual ennui that chastised me all week was in my efforts to avoid a change that I see happening in my work. Perhaps it is only a human response but once you can name it,the fear of what it is clears a path to embracing it...leading to the inevitability of change. 
Pictured above is a current piece in process:"Fields of Gold"6"H x 6" W,  mixed media/ acrylic

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