Sunday, September 22, 2013

Originals,Prints or Paintings on Product

I would really like to enter into a dialogue with other artists about using other product to sell your work.
To date all of my work sold has been originals. I have sold hundreds of pieces through reps, my art shows, on Etsy etc. making use of many outlets but all have been originals,even my greeting cards have been originals!
 I do have my FineArtAmerica site operating but to date have not had any orders.
My rationale for selling only originals has been that since my work is highly textured I feel that much is lost in flattening the image to 2 dimensions.
Textures are my signature mixed media  painting technique.
Reentering the market after an extended break I find the market highly changed.Prints seem to be the main selling item at the art fairs.
I just received an email from another website inquiring about putting my work on their product,not for compensation but for the opportunity to advertise and bring traffic to my web site. I find myself balking.  Am I just being stubborn and missing an opportunity to expand my selling base?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Giving up is not an option.

If you have wondered why my post stopped for so got in the way.

I return for it is who I am...not just what I am ... a working artist.

Yes, my forward motion in painting was interrupted while I helped my partner, Kim, build a successful restaurant and theater The time has finally come and I can return to my painting. I did continue to sell my work here & there but my inventory is too depleted to apply to shows at this time. So I find myself sifting through old drawings & paintings, books, marketing articles and I am overwhelmed by the passage of time,rusty skills and advanced internet marketing.

Breathe...the long journey must begin with that first step. Today I begin from where I am right now.My steps may falter but up is not an option.

"Morning Glow" mixed media,unframed, 5.5"H x 7.5" W .