Sunday, June 3, 2012

Extreme Textures

Renewed energy in my new studio space has spurred me to explore a different approach to my work.
 For many years, I purposely integrated my textures of rice papers, torn watercolor papers, fibers etc. into a smooth surface . I fooled the eye into believing the painting was a watercolor painting,but in reality was hundreds of pieces of textures that created the surface & landscape image.
My return to daily painting, though brief, has already  taken a turn to a more abstract and sculptural approach. Textures that I normally apply flat are rising off the canvas. Even the use of canvas as opposed to my watercolor paper is different. My first indication that I was headed in this direction came with the creation of "Emerging".  
This detail shows the texture pulling away from the canvas surface.
I am currently exploring a 12 x12 canvas that incorporates this more textural surface. I have simply allowed this to happen rather than return to my tried & true habits of the past, even though they were highly successful. It's scary to witness this change. I was comfortable in my skills. It is time to move on
and I hope my customers will appreciate this maturity in my work as well as introduce it to a new clientele.

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