Friday, January 1, 2010

What Next?

January 1st...has that new feeling..the anything could happen feeling.
The past few months has been a whirlwind of changes for me. Closing out my season of art shows early, a new grandchild ...and the opening of my shop The Cookie Cab. Each event has been a new marker in the path of my life and each very special.

January 1st.....expectations are always high followed by a nagging sense of the past year's missteps. I'm not one to make ! I know myself too well.....
January 1st...... What will happen next? This past year has been such a surprise, unpredictable and exciting. It was a good year I look forward to 2010.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Happy New Year Helen.
Exciting to think of what will come our way isn't it?

Helen Harris said...

Thank you, Nancy ..& may this year bring blessings & continued creativity to you & your family.