Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art Show & Sale Planned

In my last post I asked "What next?" The answer today is....The Cookie Cab Gallery, which is the showcase for my work as well as 4 other local artists, will hold an Art Show & Sale this Spring . The tentative date is Sunday, May 2nd. Preparations are already underway and I am pleased with the invited artists quick responses & the enthusiasm from the public.
The last show I organized was years ago for The Ocean County Artists Guild. It was a state juried show & it took months of preparation . This is a little different but I hope all the years of being a participating artist in shows will give me an advantage to prepare well. A well organized show can make a big difference in the experience for both artists & public.
I'll reveal the artists & some of their work in the next few posts.


Colleen said...

Hi! Remember me, the proud owner of your first show tent! I'm so excited about The Cookie Cab. I'll watch your blog for more info. I'm trying to make 2010 a year of change! I did not paint at all in 09, and for no good reason! I'm guessing there are are no workshops in your future? Hope to see you. Colleen

Helen Harris said...

hi Colleen! No time to teach workshops this year...getting a new business underway takes many concentrated hours. Change is good,not always expected or wanted ...sometimes just necessary.
The Cookie Cab is thriving & the idea has undergone many changes. What emerges ,i hope will ,in time allow me to return to my painting.great to hear from you ...I can only say .....go paint!

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